UN Report on Health of the Oceans Released Today

Jun 21 2011

The International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) released their Implementing the Global State of the Ocean Report today to the United Nations about the worlds unhealthy oceans. The report highlighted how marine life around the world is in peril due mostly to human action.  Overfishing and pollution are the main contributors to marine species extinction and ocean destruction, as well as that of global warming, as noted in the report.

Climate change, overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction are the main threats destroying our oceans and sea life. The solutions posed to solve these problems include reducing the effects of climate change, improved management of fisheries and adding more marine reserves globally.

To learn more watch this video on the State of the Ocean: The Vital Role of the Ocean or go to the Interactive Graphic on the right hand side of IPSO’s website, titled The Earth System.

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