Underwater Music: Jürgen Müller’s ‘Science of the Sea’

Jan 24 2012

If you ever wondered what floating around the ocean in a tiny submarine by yourself may feel like, Jürgen Müller’s 1982 record “Science of the Sea” may be a good place to start. With moods ranging from dark and ominous to vibrant and uplifting, this record, newly re-released, can transport any ocean lover away from their desk and into a world surrounded by water.

Müller, a self-taught German composer, studied oceanic science at the University of Kiel and his background and fondness for the ocean comes across on every track of this aquatic-themed opus. The inspiration for “Science of the Sea,” came largely from a 1979 expedition Müller took with a film crew to document a water toxicity testing mission in the North Sea. The trip clearly had an impact on the young composer, as he devoted the next few years to write and record this ambient collection of ocean-inspired tunes. With titles such as “Dream Sequence for a Jellyfish,” “Oxygen Bubbles,” “The Elusive Seahorse,” and “Coral Fantasy,” Müller’s affinity for the sea is obvious. “Sea” is a great reminder of what the ocean can inspire us to create.

You can stream the entire album via youtube and watch a video for the track “Sea Bed Meditation” below.

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