Submit a Weekly Cuteness.. Win a Free iPhone Case!!

May 08 2012

Do you LOVE our Weekly Cuteness?! Now is your chance to submit your own weekly cuteness and win a free iPhone case!

All you have to do is:
Look for a cute ocean-themed picture. It can be one of your own or something you find on the internet.

Ideas: a cute sea creature, cuddly marine mammals (like our otter friend pictured to the right), polar bears, kids dressed in cute sea costumes etc.

Please Send your picture along with your name to
-Limit one picture per person 
-SHARE this blog with your friends to raise awareness about the contest
-Contest ends Friday, June 8th (World Oceans Day!)

 Winner will receive a new iPhone case specially crafted for Seathos by designer Heather Brown. Check it out!

Inspired by her love of the ocean, Heather Brown has designed three beautiful iPhone cases, each benefiting a different foundation.  The cases are made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and packaged in recycled materials! To purchase an iPhone case, visit 15% of the purchase of each case will go to its associated foundation!  Click here to learn more about Heather and her beautiful art work.

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